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Ambassador to Paraguay Georges Landau in July 1976 reported to the State Department and the CIA that two Chileans had tried to get American visas using phony Paraguayan passports.
In addition, it relies on an extensive net of self-services, and a modern Call Center that serves Chileans in and out of the country.
Incomat isn't the only foreigner starting to knock on Chilean doors.
If the Chilean shareholders do not choose to fully participate in the Chilean offer, however, we may choose to accept the amount tendered in the Chilean auction and acquire the shortfall, up to 51 percent, in the U.
Chilean Healthcare Economy: Forecasts and Opportunities
Advice and labor has come from, among others, the architecture school at the Universidad Catolica, public relations students visiting from Miami, and Chileans living in the restored neighborhoods.
The barriers to entry that exist in the Chilean beer industry are high and make it unlikely that an international competitor would enter the market and build a greenfield plant.
Chilean President Ricardo Lagos is leading his country toward increased integration with the world's largest markets.
Rather than panic, Chilean winemakers deftly turned scandal into opportunity.
Genfor believes the tree will withstand the European shoot-tip moth, a pest endemic to Chilean forests.
Commerce Department that the company--along with eight other Chilean producers--was illegally dumping salmon on the U.
Things heated up in the mid-1990s, when local and foreign firms floated shares on Wall Street to take advantage of rapidly improving Chilean incomes, up from around US$1,360 a year on average in 1985 to just under $5,000 today.
But now Chileans are beginning to capitalize on the uniqueness of Carmenere by presenting it as the signature wine.
Although Chileans share the Latin reputation for being late, punctuality is expected in the business world.
Indeed, Sao Pedro de Atacama has never been a tourist mecca, even for Chileans.