Chilean peso

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the basic unit of money in Chile

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LatAm Walkers Cayman Trust, Series 2006-101 (the issuer) issued a class of credit-linked, fixed rate certificates with a principal amount of Chilean Peso (CLP) 5,348,000,000.
The UF are daily indexed Chilean peso denominated monetary units that takes into account the effect of the Chilean inflation rate of the previous month.
However, debt to capitalization improved to 49% from 56%, as a result of the appreciation of the Chilean peso which affected in dollar terms the equity value of Chilquinta Energia.
The new index, named the Latin American Currency Index (LACI), is comprised of a fixed weighted average of the six major Latin America currencies: Argentine Peso, Brazil Real, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Mexican Peso, Peru New Sol (ARS, BRL, CLP, COP, MXN, PEN).
In a related move, Fitch has placed Masisa's Chilean peso denominated bonds -- No.
As a result of this transaction, Sun Life Financial expects to take a charge to earnings of approximately $45 million in the third quarter of 2005, arising from the depreciation of the Chilean peso against the Canadian dollar since the interest was acquired in 1998.
Personnel expenses increased driven by higher headcount and training costs to support expansion plans and also because of a stronger Chilean peso.
Andina's exposure to the devaluation of the Chilean peso versus the U.
CMPC's profitability within Chile improved in dollar terms during 2004, as the Chilean peso appreciated to CLP609 per US$1.
The company's dollar EBITDA also benefited from a strengthening of the Chilean peso versus the U.
Higher sales-related expenses and a stronger Chilean Peso also contributed to increases in operating expenses.