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a native or inhabitant of Chile

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Upon learning that the Dutch intended to sail for Valdivia (the site of a former Spanish fort, now in Chilean hands), the ambassadors volunteered their tribes' assistance and asked if they might possibly hitch a ride up the coast aboard Brouwer's fleet.
The Chilean bishops subsequently cited the "unfortunate reactions of opposition" to the Vatican's actions but also acknowledged "the duty of justice to identify those responsible for the grave crimes committed in Chile against human rights.
This study locates the construction of working-class masculinity in the Chilean copper mines in the tensions and antagonisms produced by the transformation of a population of itinerant laborers into a semi-skilled industrial working class.
But by entering and winning the Chilean Avocado Lovers Club national random drawing, aspiring chef and full-time culinary student Jennifer and her guest received an all-expenses-paid trip including airfare, transportation, accommodations and entry into the Chilean avocado VIP luxury suite to watch the No.
China is now the 3rd-largest market for Chilean foodstuffs, after the U.
There were no UAE nationals in Chile at the time of the disaster, as per the government immigration files," Chilean ambassador Jean Paul Tarud-Kuborn told Khaleej Times.
Trade seminars, business meetings, gastronomic delights and cultural activities will be part of the Chilean Week, which will be held across various venues in Dubai.
We are now supplying fresh new inventories," says Jorge Covarrubias, Chilean Avocado Importers Association (CAIA) chairman and president of Santa Cruz S.
Yet major hotel chains are racing to build, a sure sign that--despite natural disadvantages--the Chilean capital is beginning to turn its image around.
The Chilean Defense Forces have not been major foreign military sales customers in the past.
On that fateful day, Chilean workers and millions of their backers felt the painful shudder of loss as they watched the tanks surrounding and bombarding the Presidential Palace.
Ivan Zamorano, the Chilean striker, had a dream recently about these World Cup finals.
Tompkins says that his phone was tapped, and that his life has been threatened by a group of Chilean Nazis.
This partnership will bring many benefits to our company as well as the Chilean retail market.
To this end, Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed the announcement today that 40 Chilean students will attend Canadian public high schools for six months, beginning later this year.