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a service involving care for other people's children

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Allison has also written books and courses on childcare and childminding.
At the event, the Minister met a number of key stakeholders who had been involved in developing the standards as well as providers of childminding and day care services and some of the parents who use these services for their child care needs.
And the childminders' professional body, the National Childminding Association (NCMA) Cymru, said that for every registered childminder in Wales, three jobs are supported elsewhere in the country.
Look for a job but also offer to do some childminding.
uk Susanna Dawson Chairwoman, National Childminding Association
Clare, a member of the National Childminding Association and a qualified nursery nurse, was described as "sensitive" to children's needs.
The council says its Solihull Children Come First Network, which was first introduced in 2004, was recently inspected by the National Childminding Association and received a glowing report which means that it can continue for a further three years.
She is also a support childminder, offering help to newly-registered childminders in Warwickshire, and is quality assurance accredited through the National Childminding Association's Children Come First network.
l a creche owner who denied that fees would soar if money was given to parents to offset childminding
Before you register, you can take an introductory training programme and work towards the CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Childminding Practice (CCP).
Based at their home, the couple work with a childminding assistant and offer play area facilities.
A study by the National Childminding Association (NCMA) found 22% of Welsh childminders are providing specialist care, which is well above that in England.
Eileen, 41, of Prestwick, Ayrshire, says she'll now have to quit her childminding job.
Cherry Forrester, a member of the National Childminding Association (NCMA), was a finalist in the Childminder of the Year category at the Nursery World Awards held in London.
Henderson, who ran a childminding business from her home in Iver Heath, Bucks, has already completed her sentence.