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fat on the body of a baby or child

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Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said a new childhood obesity health target would be in place by next July.
Berg created TheWEIGH out of frustration, as a parent, in trying to make sense of the science surrounding childhood obesity and the lack of tools available to help combat the problem.
We hope will be a successful international collaboration using the Danish model as the model for our collective aim of reducing childhood obesity together.
Childhood obesity is increasingly becoming a public health challenge in the UAE that must be addressed with diligence.
This poses a clear obstacle to prevention, thus obesity prevention programmes should take into account the important role of parents in developing national prevention strategies for childhood obesity.
Overall, the study estimated that a sugary beverage tax could reduce childhood obesity by 2.
AHRQ's Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs: Comparative Effectiveness Review and Meta-Analysis compared the effectiveness, risks, and benefits of 104 school-based interventions.
USDA is at the forefront of the Obama Administration's efforts to combat childhood obesity, which poses a threat to the health and future productivity of our entire nation," said Vilsack.
Wall Street Journal newspaper devoted a full page in the issue dated on Saturday, February 15, to talk about the experience of the kingdom in the surgery of childhood obesity.
A University of Colorado Cancer Center article shows that even in cases in which obese children later lose weight, the health effects of childhood obesity may be long-lasting and profound.
DENVER -- A leader innutritionally based weight loss programs, Denver-based SlimGenics Weight Control Centers today announced the launch of its new initiative, NObesity, which is designed to increase awareness of and support the movement to end childhood obesity in this country.
I have decided to further my personal ambitions and dreams to make a significant dent in fighting the effects of childhood obesity in education.
In an effort to combat this epidemic, GNA adopted an action report focused on childhood obesity during the 2011 Membership Assembly in Atlanta.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Genetics researchers have identified at least two new gene variants that increase the risk of common childhood obesity.
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