acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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acute leukemia characterized by proliferation of immature lymphoblast-like cells in bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and blood

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Given that childhood leukemia is relatively rare, the new study was limited by its sample size.
At the very least this discovery gives us a new window into inherited causes of childhood leukemia.
Childhood leukemia in relation to radio frequency electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of TV and radio broadcast transmitters.
org), which will be released on Friday, August 31, 2007, documents the scientific evidence that power line EMF exposure is responsible for hundreds of new cases of childhood leukemia every year in the United States and around the world.
Ever since a public outcry over childhood leukemia in the early 1990s, growers have been cutting pesticide use through a technique called Integrated Pest Management, which targets chemicals only where they're really needed.
BABIES WHO ARE BREAST-FED may have a lower risk of developing childhood leukemia, according to a study published by the University of California--Berkeley.
4, 5) A well-documented association has been found between juvenile xanthogranuloma and childhood leukemia, most often juvenile chronic myelogenous leukemia.
However, these chemicals may cause damage in other ways, even contributing to the incidence of childhood leukemia, according to a new study revisiting a suspected link between pesticides and the disease.
Some studies have found a relation between magnetic fields and the risk for childhood brain tumors (Savitz, Barnes, John, Wachtel, & Tvrdik, 1988) and childhood leukemia (Feychting & Ahibom, 1993).
A Swedish case-control study provides reassuring data about concerns over the possible association between prenatal ultrasound and an increased risk of childhood leukemia.
On the broader point, we've had decades in which to look for a pattern of higher childhood leukemia rates in places where chemicals are manufactured.
Committee members did find a "weak but statistically significant" link between household proximity to high-voltage power lines and childhood leukemia.
To support and empower young cancer patients, global health service company Cigna has teamed up with the Childhood Leukemia Foundation (CLF) to provide free iPads preloaded with HopeLab s cancer-fighting game app Re-Mission 2: Nanobot s Revenge to patients through CLF s Keeping Kids Connected program.
Cigna, HopeLab, Childhood Leukemia Foundation team up to support kids with cancer
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