Holy Innocents' Day

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December 28, commemorating Herod's slaughter of the children of Bethlehem

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Childermas finds Vinculus's corpse, "the corpse of a forked animal on a barren, winter moor" (752).
As the fearful and paranoid Norrell isolates himself from Strange and from his loyal servant Childermass, surrounding himself with the loathsome flunkies Drawlight and Lascelles, the reader is tempted to place faith in the more romantic sensibility Mr.
And that their sleep be sound I say this childermas Who could not, at one time, Have saved them from the gas.
Another parallelism between Chaucer's clergeon and the figure of Jesus is the fact that the Mass of the Holy Innocents (known also as Childermas and celebrated on the 28th of December) can be traced as one of the tale's sources (Broughton 2005: 589).
The most famous example of this practice relates to St Nicholas Day (6 December) and Childermas or Holy Innocents' Day (December 28th), when churches encouraged boys to dress up as a boy-bishop and his attendants, and to lead the services in a piece of licensed role-reversal.
17) The 'Sermon of the Child Bishop, Pronownsyd by John Stubs, querester, on Childermas Day, at Glocester, 1558', now forms part of BL: Cotton Vespasian A.