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make safe against children


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Mona, a former insurance professional, joined industry associations, consulted pediatricians, firemen, police officers and even connected with child-proofing professionals across the world.
From saving money by hooking up your own appliances, to installing kitchen flooring, custom cabinetry, lighting, child-proofing, painting, countertops and cabinet upgrades, and much more, The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Kitchens is packed with step-by-step instructions, each illustrated by a separate color photograph.
That's not stopped her jamming CDs in her mouth and making it clear that when it comes to child-proofing our house, we've still got plenty to learn.
Zurich Insurance found that more that nine in every 10 mums and dads spent up to pounds 500 on child-proofing the family wagon, with 82 per cent investing in baby seats and 67 per cent in sun screens.
Readers will learn all of the child-proofing essentials for making the nursery safe, to protecting the baby in the kitchen, the bathroom, and every where else in the house.
In addition to the actually useful tips on child-proofing, tantrums and schooling, don't miss Mellor's recipes.