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make safe against children


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But Kim and husband Terry, of Winchester, Hants, accuse Tesco of not labelling the bottle properly and of not fitting a child-proof cap.
But as this exclusive world first ride at the Eastern Creek race track in Australia shows, Suzuki hasn't pandered to the faint-hearted and produced some kind of blunted, wrapped-in-cotton-wool GSX-R1000 with a child-proof cap.
According to the American College of Rheumatology, one in three adults suffers from arthritis, and for those sufferers, the simple task of opening a child-proof cap can be a painful daily chore.
Our new e-liquid bottles are packaged with child-proof caps and individually shrink-wrapped to restrict children's ability to access the liquids.
A CAPT survey earlier this year found that more than three-quarters of parents thought child-proof caps were impossible for children to open.
But Katrina warns that some three and four-year-old children can open child-proof caps in seconds, so parents and grandparents should keep medicines and cleaning products in a locked or high cupboard.