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make safe against children


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But Katrina warns some three-year-old children can open child-proof caps in seconds, so parents and grandparents should keep medicines and cleaning products in a locked or high cupboard.
A CAPT survey found three-quarters of parents thought child-proof caps were impossible for children to open.
The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) claims almost three-quarters (73%) of parents 'mistakenly' believe child safety tops make medicines and cleaning products child-proof.
Although its 30-tablet bottles come with child-proof tops, recovering heroin addicts who take the tablets can leave the tops off the bottles and so there is a greater risk of children taking them compared with the individually sealed film treatment.
CR-Vs are well-built, with a child-proof interior, but the ride is a little firm.
I have seen grills in balconies in various countries and thin grills that are enough to make them child-proof, do not affect aesthetics," said another irked resident.
These child-proof tops are not so easy for older hands like mine
Sue and Jennifer, with the help of Barnardo's, learned how to child-proof the house as both the boys, given their difficult past, would break things when they were angry.
Use earthquake-or child-proof hardware if necessary.
CHECK your home is child-proof, as yougsters like to go off and explore.
Safety has been given high priority with every apartment equipped with leading safety features including a security system, fire safety and alarm system, smoke detection system and child-proof electrical switches.
The 60s saw the invention of the push down and twist child-proof cap that is still confounding children today (see page 50).
The result is a fun, colourful, fashionable design that's both comfortable and robust and remains as child-proof as we can make it:' Brulimar will be exhibiting the range during Optrafair (April 4-6).
Lots of older adults insist that most child-proof packages are not child-proof at all, but may indeed be adult-proof.
DampRid Super Absorbing System from Radius Product Development is the first spill-proof, child-proof, refillable product that prevents mold and mildew, reduces the musty odors they cause and reduces the allergens that trigger asthma and skin and eye irritation.