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make safe against children


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The child proof washing machines provide a spin speed of between 1000 and 1400 revolutions per minute and are available in various designs and colors such as the silver WF105 and the silver WF145/125 with a white door.
As expected, the Meriva VXR has a full compliment of safety equipment, including airbags all round, ABS, emergency brake assist, laminated windscreen, child proof locks and front seatbelt force limiters.
We hadno child proof lids on medicine bottles, no child proof locks on doors or cupboards and when, we rode our bikes, wehad no helmets or protective pads.
The Cars 2 Kids Kit for the iPad and iPad 2 provides kid protection for your iOS tablet with a child proof case, integrated pass through screen protector, car headrest and carrying strap.
Dr Noel Horgan and colleagues at the hospital have called for packaging of the tablets to be made child proof.
Yorkhill accident and emergency consultant Dori Doraiswamy warned: "It is wrong to think pill bottles are child proof.
If you have grandchildren or other curious climbers who visit your home, you'll want to child proof the kitchen cabinet with a safety latch.