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a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age

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I've just watched a bunch of super intelligent children on Child Genius (Channel 4, Tuesday, 9pm) and it's left me feeling nauseous.
The second episode of Child Genius follows straight after.
There have been documentaries about mini Einsteins before, but this one is different because it will follow some of the youngsters taking part in Mensa's first ever competition to find the Child Genius Of The Year.
CHILD Genius (Channel 4, Sunday) is becoming addictive - mostly because I can't quite believe what I'm hearing from the parents when their children's performances leave them feeling unable to hide their disappointment.
CHILD GENIUS Sun C4 9pm NEW SERIES Ten-year-olds studying for degree courses and eightyear-olds with sky-high IQs.
Huge congrats to the newly crowned, utterly deserving winner of Child Genius - and to Channel 4 for a fascinating series which built to a thrillingly tense climax.
Child Genius was proof of that when it was launched earlier this year, aiming to document on a yearly basis the lives of 10 of the UK's apparently most gifted kids as they grow up.
Another chance to see the pilot episode of the popular American comedy about a child genius and his often-feuding siblings and father who desperately try to stay one step ahead of their taskmaster mum D but rarely succeed.
IT'S series two of Child Genius (Channel 4, Sunday) and 20 of the most gifted children in the UK - aged between seven and 12 - are battling it out to see who is the cleverest, in a competition run by Mensa.
aw m Und Thos CHILD GENIUS Sun C4 9pm NEW SERIES Ten-year-olds studying for degree courses and eightyear-olds with sky-high IQs.
CHILD GENIUS (9pm Channel 4) HAVING a child who's freakishly bright isn't all beer and skittles, especially if that child has memorised the entire rail network.
The documentary looks at how her father's belief in hard-work created a child genius.
Ruth had earned national attention when she achieved an A grade at A-level maths a year earlier and was hailed a child genius.
CHILD Genius (C4) - More gobsmacking precociousness from the pre-teen Mensa-botherers.
Only his best friend - inventor and child genius Alan A.
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