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the head of a tribe or clan

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uk MILITARY VEHICLE DRIVING Various sites GET a taste of SAS-style action by driving Chieftan tanks and going on woodland patrols.
5 What odd nickname was given to Ketil, the Viking chieftan who conquered the Hebrides and Isle of Man in the 9th century?
20) It is interesting in this context that Tolkien tells us that the Rohan chieftan Fram slew a dragon named Scatha (App.
While Vict'ry smiled upon the scene, Our Chieftan met the blow of death.
Bill Taylor, chief executive of Chieftan, said: "I am delighted with the progress made.
Civil War On The Missouri-Kansas Border dares to question commonly held assumptions that all Missouri "bushwhackers" were bloodthirsty monsters, in particular scrutinizing the leader of the "Border Ruffians", infamous for his massacre of 150 civilians, as a guerilla chieftan up against an enemy that routinely slaughtered his men on sight without trial or capture.
He receives immense strength, command over wolves, and the ability to see through the eyes of ravens, and embarks on a bloody trek from chieftan to deified ruler of a new barbarian race.
The famous Scottish poet Robert Burns referred to it as "the great chieftan o' the pudding race.
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has stated that there are about 100 Piper Chieftan aircraft still operating in Australia that could experience the same problem as that which brought down a Whyalla Airlines aircraft in May 2000.
Along the way, he explores the major mysteries of Scottishness: how to become a Highland Chieftan, what to put in your sporran, how to sound Scottish, how to get a free kilt, and the greatest mystery of all, what is worn under the kilt.
When the bishop arrived, he was greeted "with fierce drumming and elegant dancing," welcomed "as the chieftan he was.
Tadanobu Asano is the man who would be king: 12th-century chieftan Temudjin, aka Genghis Khan.
Emergency Medical Services ChiefTan noted Smart911 would be especially valuable if a caller had a medical condition preventing them from speaking.
Horses led the field entry and were topped by Moelview Chieftan, the Section B leader bred by Richard Jones, Tyddyn Garreg, Dolgellau.