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Synonyms for chief

Synonyms for chief

one who is highest in rank or authority

a professional politician who controls a party or political machine


having or exercising authority

Synonyms for chief

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115), and he never explains why patronage cannot be a part of chiefdom and state relations.
AMR Gold directors Gary Vallerius and Chris White said in a message to the Chiefdom that " we are committed to take AMR forward.
One of these was the Qwabe chiefdom, which settled just across the Tugela within sight and under constant threat from the Zulu state, and it is to their transformation that Mahoney pays particular attention.
They are made up of clusters of chiefdoms or emirates and are ruled by monarchs.
Men already identified as chiefs or paramounts represented to the state their claims to rule over their respective chiefdoms or tribes.
He represents the community at chiefdom level ( Sierra Leone is split into hundreds of chiefdoms ( and is at the vanguard of mobilising the community after its return since the war and its accompanying terror.
It is an assortment of motley republics and seedy chiefdoms.
So far, the most attention has been paid to "complex chiefdoms," but in this essay the author draws attention to the other end of the scale, the small-scale sedentary societies with populations running into the hundreds rather than the thousands, looking specifically at why some have hereditary stratification and others do not.
Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun: Hernando de Soto and the South's Ancient Chiefdoms, by Charles Hudson.
With chiefdoms came district chiefs, village chiefs, advisers and other early representatives of social and political complexity.
Included in the schedules to the Mining Licence are lease agreements which have been entered into with the Nimikoro and Nimiyama chiefdoms, parts of which chiefdom areas lie within the Mining Licence area.
Formative Mexican chiefdoms and the myth of the 'Mother Culture'.
Update charter "road chiefdoms" - Invetorier tangible and intangible heritage - Develop new boxes heritage at the heart of chiefdoms - Registration chiefdoms on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
We, the members of the Nine Ngok Dinka chiefdoms of Abyei Area, meeting in various caucuses have agreed to unreservedly reject the move of united nations security council in its resolution 2156 (2014) in which it disregarded its resolution 1990 (2011) and 2046 (2012), the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) proposal on the final status of the Abyei Area, the result of the Abyei community referendum October 2013, and the recommendation of our committee high committee on April 2014, submitted to the team of the united nations which came from the headquarters in New York for strategic review of the United Nations interim force for Abyei (UNISFA)", partly reads the statement.
Chiefdoms along the Zambezi River are on the warpath against mining companies that they say are posing an "unparalleled and imminent" threat to the river region's ecology.