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putting something (as a literary work or a legislative bill) into acceptable form

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In less than a year, he advanced to Chief Editor and led the publication to become the top monthly reviews journal in the neuroscience field, a position it retains to this day.
Yang Lang was appointed as the Depute Chief Editor.
Chief Editor won two of his four races last season before his juvenile career was curtailed due to injury.
The chief editor, section editors, and authors are to be congratulated on this scholarly work.
AWARD: Ron Newby (left) and the Lord Mayor receive the certificate from Andrew Simpson, chief editor of the magazine; CAMPAIGN: Pupils from Hollyfast Primary (left) helped launch the Afghan Appeal in the Evening Telegraph in February
On the next page is an explanation by Theodore Vorburger, Chief Editor of the Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, for colleagues in microanalysis who may be reading the Journal for the first time.
A native of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, Arai joined Domei news agency, predecessor to Kyodo News, in 1936 and became chief editor of the news agency's political and economic section in 1945.
The Indonesian police have officially named the chief editor and the managing editor of a weekly political magazine as suspects for portraying President Suharto as the King of Spades on the magazine's cover, newspapers said Thursday.
Kassirer, the journal's chief editor, said the board's function is to give advice on major issues and suggestions of authors for editorials and reviews, but that the board is not routinely consulted.
In addition, he has authored over 50 papers, was a chief editor for "Progress of Horticulture," and is a member on the editorial board for "Breeding Studies in Vegetables.
The minister made the comments during his separate meetings with the media people Mohmmad Ghabris, Bassam Fleihan, Antoin Nofal, George Samn, Ghassan Sharbal and Hoda Al-Husseini, and Deputy Chief Editor of the Egyptian Al-Ahram daily newspaper Mohammad Abdulhadi, Chief Editor of Jordan's Al-Dostour daily Mohammad Al-Tal and Chairman of the Iraqi Journalist Association Mo'ayed Allami.
Mohammed Al-Hasan Talal, Director of the International Institute for Press, an affiliate of Al-Hussein University of Morocco; Hamad Saleh Al-Mahmoud of Arab News Sky Channel; Isam Abdulaziz, Editor-in-chief of Rose Al-Yousef magazine of Egypt; Mohammed Ahmed Biraimah, Deputy Director of News Department at Sudan Broadcasting Station; Sheeha Quha, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Al-Maghrib Tunisian newspaper; Yousef Hashisha Mukhtar, Chief Editor of Tunis-Africa News Agency; Tawfeq Nuwairah, Editor-in-Chief of Tunis Newspaper; Abbas Mahmoud Taher, Chief Editor of Al-Ayam Newspaper of Chad; Sidi Al-Amin Niyas, President of Al-Fajr Media Foundation of Senegal; and Abdullah Sulaiman Mohammed, Engineer of the Ministry of Information of Eritrea.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court on Tuesday declared that it would frame charges against Chief Editor of Weekly "PULSE" magazine, Mohsin Jamil Baig, during next hearing of the case on Sep 25.
ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court (SC) office Wednesday returned reply filed by chief editor weekly Pulse with objection.
Yasser Rizk, editor-in-chief of Al-Eza'a Wal Television weekly magazine, was appointed as the new chief editor of Al-Akhbar.
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