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Indian chief and founder of the Powhatan confederacy of tribes in eastern Virginia


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The land, however, was already home of the Algonquian-speaking Indians, ruled by Chief Powhatan and the settlement resulted in the destruction of many aspects of their life and culture.
John Smith and Chief Powhatan: Legend has it that John Smith was captured on an expedition, but released by Chief Powhatan after his daughter, Pocahontas, threw herself between him and his executioner.
Chief Powhatan hoped to starve out the English, and refused to trade any more corn to them.
When she realizes Chief Powhatan intends to execute Smith, Pocahontas virtually ignores the intended victim; instead, she engages her father in an intellectual argument about what makes a responsible ruler, suggesting that leniency and royal clemency best exemplify power.
The New World'': She stops her father, Chief Powhatan, from executing him.
Star of the show is champion skater Joanna Ng who plays Pocahontas, the beautiful daughter of Chief Powhatan.
That November, Captain John Ratcliffe and 50 Jamestown men visited Chief Powhatan to trade for food.
This sweeping adventure stars Colin Farrell as Captain John Smith, Christopher Plummer as Captain Christopher Newport, Christian Bale as John Rolfe, August Schellenberg as Chief Powhatan, and introduces Q'orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas.
John Smith made his name in history and Pocahontas, a young daughter of the powerful Indian chief Powhatan, became a legend befriending the beleaguered English and supposedly rescuing Smith from death.
Soon, Smith found himself before the great Chief Powhatan.
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