Salmon P. Chase

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United States politician and jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1808-1873)

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167) In his opinion for the Court, Chief Justice Chase posed the question presented as whether "Congress [has] power, under the Constitution, to prohibit trade within the limits of a State?
173) In short, Chief Justice Chase distinguished between penalizing conduct and taxing it.
After Chief Justice Chase died in May 1873, Grant waited until the following November before offering the appointment to an old political ally, Senator Roscoe Conkling of New York.
With only Chief Justice Chase dissenting, the Court rules in Bradwell v.
I would like to just start off thanking our fantastic panelists; Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of New York; Chief Justice Chase Rogers of Connecticut; Utah Chief Justice Christine Durham; and Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.
has been named one of 13 statewide Probate Court magistrates by Chief Justice Chase Rogers.
Now, I have to tell you, Chief Justice Chase Rogers I did not know until today.
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