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leader of the Nez Perce in their retreat from United States troops (1840-1904)


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Today, resting in the shadow of Chief Joseph Dam and nestled along the banks of the Columbia River, Bridgeport seems like a town where water should be a given.
Three years ago, Chief Joseph was voted FSIN chief, replacing incumbent Alphonse Bird.
Meanwhile chief Joseph considers himself privileged to have been in Wales but was adamant the tribe would continue their way of life.
15, Bonnie Braden, the FSIN communications director, said that Chief Joseph would not comment on the situation.
Former San Jose Police Chief Joseph McNamara, now a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, says the difficulty of connecting suspected dealers to drugs frequently leads police to lie about the circumstances or results of searches.
Many of the citations are familiar; we have heard the words of Chief Joseph, Chief Seattle, Cochise, and Black Elk before.
At Bear's Paw Mountain, 40 miles from the Canadian border, Chief Joseph surrendered in an attempt to spare the lives of women and children.
The anti-communist sentiment in this community is as strong, if not stronger, than anywhere in the world,'' says Garden Grove Police Chief Joseph Polisar.
Billed as a play, it's actually a monologue based on the story of Chief Joseph and his band of non-treaty Nez Perce, who embarked on a four-month, 1,400-mile journey to Canada after refusing to relocate to a reservation in Oregon.
Kudos to William Norman Grigg for his article about Chief Joseph ("Protector of the Nez Perce," July 15th issue).
After the first of numerous standing ovations, Chief Joseph Callan, who accepted the gift alongside firefighter Joseph Lavin, said, "I am mostly representing the 343 firefighters who couldn't be with us today.
George's in 1792 was a Mohawk woman named Molly Brant (her Native name was (Gonwatsijayenni) sister of the famed Mohawk chief Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea).
It even went so far as to use vanquished Native American warriors--Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce--as performers.
Police Chief Joseph Estey, currently the president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, (IACP) said in a recent news report that these arrangements are "a kind of minefield" for police executives and that he "probably would not" allow an officer to work for a supplier.
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