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United States comedian

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That Chico and Shappi are starting the season at Lancaster is a tribute to the depth of a Diamondbacks farm system ranked No.
Chico showed off his torso to legends of adoring female fans as part of the dance troop Extreme Force, before auditioning for the X Factor last year.
After being voted off the show, Chico showed off his muscles as he performed at London's GAY nightclub.
Speaking after the verdict, Chico, whose catchphrase "Chico Time" swept the nation, thanked his mentor Sharon Osbourne and said he was happy with the decision.
Chico - who last night appeared singing The Timewarp from The Rocky Horror Show - earlier told me how he had become a Sufi Muslim.
Our Chico is devoted to his family and friends first, music second.
The account executives conducted focus groups of digital music listeners and those who do not use digital music, along with other research, to present an in-depth analysis of Chico State students.
After hearing Chico croon in a high-pitched voice at auditions last week, Cowell groaned: "God, that was awful.
Awards: Chico and Drew were named the Diamondbacks' organization's pitcher and player of the month, respectively, for July.
Associate Professor at California State University at Chico, companies that are relying solely on English speaking customers will miss out on the rapid expansion of global e-commerce.
But whatever happens, Chico Time,named after the 34-year-old's catchphrase, will be ready for release.
FLOOZY IN THE JACUZZI: Chico (right) and his brother get to grips with gangster's moll; STEAMY: Chico in lapdance action; BIG HIT: Chico; charms the judges on last week's show
SAN BERNARDINO - Through his first nine starts, Matt Chico was the JetHawks' tough-luck loser.
Idiom), the leading independent provider of scalable software solutions for accelerating and optimizing globalization initiatives, today announced it has made a significant gift of technology to California State University, Chico College of Business in support of the school's growing localization curriculum (http://www.
LAKE ELSINORE - JetHawks pitcher Matt Chico has attended Lake Elsinore Storm games at The Diamond since he was in fifth grade.