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Synonyms for chick

young bird especially of domestic fowl

informal terms for a (young) woman

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br Transport chicks straight from source (hatchery) to farm without any unnecessary stops.
Use a red heat lamp to curtail pecking when your chicks are exhibiting pasty butt.
Comparison of efficacy of existing and newly developed vaccines: Three types of AIV vaccines (locally manufactured n=2; imported n=1sample) and one sample of vaccine developed in the present study were used for observing their comparative efficacy in terms of antibody production in chicks which were divided in various experimental groups.
The chicks are made up of two modern game breeds, Sussex Silkie Cross yellow, which are white and brown fluffy chicks, and Tuzo which are black and is a more feisty breed.
We really enjoy having the chicks at our school they are never noisy.
A solid floor gives chicks an opportunity to develop natural immunities through gradual exposure to common microbes in their environment.
Adoption or alloparental care of chicks by unrelated parents has been reported in > 50 bird species (Riedman 1982).
Chicks are dyed in every color and are sold for TL 10.
So far, five chicks have hatched - three Buff Orphingtons and two Marans.
We invested our hearts and souls into this company and have built the reputation of the Mixed Chicks products as one of distinction and high quality.
On Isla isabel, the main cause of death of chicks or failure of nests is intraspecific interference (Osorno, 1996).
They decided to trick the parent birds, by swapping chicks of different ages between nests - which the birds make in burrows in the ground - to see how this affected both parental care and the time chicks took to fledge.
He knew there was something "immediately" wrong last week "Two chicks were extremely weak and barely moving, but there was no sign of the eldest chick.
So far we have had eight chicks hatch and are waiting for four more to hatch over the next couple of days.
LONG-TIME CHICKS supporter and Warley resident, Barbara Fletcher, celebrated her 70th birthday with a lunch of 85 guests and raised more than pounds 1,000 for the children's charity.