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a galvanized wire network with a hexagonal mesh

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The pens were arranged in a rough circle around the one showy cage, Taffy's, and the chickenwire box that held the macaw.
The kennel enclosure, which is surrounded by a tall chickenwire fence, resembles a well-kept retirement community of whitewashed ranch houses with pickup trucks parked out front and fenced-off dog runs in back.
Strange meteorological measuring devices line the walls, and part of the lawn is occupied by a few poles and pipes and something best described as a rabbit hutch without the chickenwire front.
After transplanting, each plot was provided with a 50-cm bamboo stake for the vines to climb and then enclosed with a chickenwire cage (2.
If the beeline flight is in the path of people moving about, the solution again lies in hive placement, and adding a five or six-foot-high obstruction, like chickenwire fencing, about 10 feet in front of the hive.
Lizards were first encountered in a variety of situations: 20 on dirt and paved roads, 32 under vegetation (grasses, shrubs, trees), 17 on grass clumps or mowed grass, 14 on bare soil, three in vegetable gardens, one stuck in a vine-covered piece of chickenwire fence, and 23 on open ground running into thick vegetation.
The items were all split into five lots - from two chickenwire sculptures to the sofas on which Melanie and Thomas lingered.
Even now I see them crawling, their reptilian hearts too stubborn or dull to die, past their own sudden heads (still twisting and snapping like animate roots wrenched from troubled soil), past the growing pile of jugs by the fence, past their own brothers, who might hiss, if able, or continue on, mute like themselves, to the fence, which last barrier they would then begin to climb -- unbelievably, absurdly -- as though the memory of freedom had somehow outlived both their comprehension of it and their need for it, as though stopping their lives on the other side of a chickenwire fence were a matter of some importance.