crow's foot

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a wrinkle in the skin at the outer corner of your eyes

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The chicken claw goes with the chicken, and you need a shovel to clean out the chicken shed.
October 12 2010 - China's broiler meat imports in 2011 will decrease 14 percent to 280,000 metric tonnes (MT) following an estimated 22 percent decrease in the previous year, excluding chicken claws.
Given the rationing system used to buy food, as a temporary resident in Bucharest, you could not enjoy the oil, sugar, chicken claws, or toilet paper scientifically distributed to the true inhabitants of the Capital City alone.
Some suggest that their shrill cackle sounds like chicken claws scratching on a chalkboard.
Earlier this month, 12 kilos of chicken claws were found in the luggage of a travellers coming off a flight from Paris.
If you want to walk on the wild side, try the chicken claws or you can ask the staff to translate the Chinese menu.
Fetishism and grisly rites, only he doesn't need anything but a pen he had shaped out of cock feathers and chicken claws.
Chicken claws, wings, and legs account for the vast majority of Chinese retail chicken sales.