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Synonyms for hamburger

a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients

beef that has been ground

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He thought the chicken burger was delicious but found the beef burger more processed and so difficult to devour.
Britain's Advertising Standards Authority said it bought three Tendercrisp chicken burgers and found that the thickness of the burgers, the quantity of additional fillings and the overall height of the product was "considerably less" than appeared in the ad.
Yankee Southern Fried Chicken Burger & Chips (260g) combines succulent chicken breast in an authentic breaded coating, a soft sesame bun and crisp, golden fries.
But when she bit into her chicken burger, she found six Diazepam tablets hidden inside.
The Gourmet Burger Authority(TM) Introduces Spring Chicken Burger and The Oh, My Darlin' Cocktail for the New Season
A CRITICALLY ill transplant patient woke up from an eight-day coma and - unable to speak - typed out an order for a chicken burger.
GATE I chose a Caesar chicken burger with chips and coleslaw (pounds 8.
Today's is for a delicious, homemade chicken burger, simple to make and far more delicious than anything you'll find in supermarkets.
Glendale Foods had its sights firmly set on the takeaway sector with the launch of its frozen Takeaway Favourites range, which includes Doner Kebab & Chips, Flame Grilled Cheese Burger & Chips, Southern Fried Chicken Burger & Chips and Chicken & Chips.
The griddled bap packs 354 calories and 9g of fat, while a regular chicken burger contains 442 calories and 15g fat.
My friend's filled grilled chicken burger came with fresh salad and pesto mayonnaise which was pleasantly different.
There are all the usual favourites like hamburger, chicken burger and pizza to choose from.
A large chicken burger is accompanied with a grilled, marinated portobello mushroom and served between a fresh, toasted whole wheat bun.
has brought kale to the forefront as the new ingredient in its groundbreaking all-natural half-beef, half- chicken burger.
Michael Kilkie spices things up with a cajun chicken burger