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a small house with a single story


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under the auspices of its Gateway cities initiative, a product of PMI's Emerging Market program, has teamed with Greater Southwest Development Corporation and its partnership with the Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative to create an affordable housing opportunity for a low-moderate income, first time homeowner in Chicago.
The Chicago Bungalow was among this group, with more than 70,000 built in the city proper.
The first house to be acquired and rehabilitated for sale is at 6426 South Fairfield, an historical Chicago bungalow, situated on the first national "Green Bungalow Model Block.
ComEd also will continue several current low-income assistance programs, including Reduced Energy Needs for the Elderly, which provides low-income seniors with energy efficient products and services, and ComEd's partnership with Shorebank for low-income Chicago bungalow owners.
ComEd, ShoreBank, Historic Chicago Bungalow Association Partnership Helps Curb Costs of Energy-Efficient Improvements
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