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French actor and cabaret singer (1888-1972)

a gallant or courtly gentleman


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This horrible calumny embittered the last days of the dainty chevalier all the more because, as the present Scene will show, he had lost a hope long cherished to which he had made many sacrifices.
Madame Lardot leased to the chevalier two rooms on the second floor of her house, for the modest sum of one hundred francs a year.
When a young woman heard the chevalier say at a ball, "You are delightfully well-dressed
The chevalier could call up a languishing look, he could take on a classic attitude to feign compassion, which made him a most valuable listener; he could put in an "Ah
If some one asked Monsieur de Valois to do him a little service which might have discommoded him, that some one did not part from the worthy chevalier without being truly enchanted with him, and quite convinced that he either could not do the service demanded, or that he should injure the affair if he meddled in it.
Many of his friends (he was by that time dead, you will please remark) have contested mordicus this curious fact, declaring it to be a fable, and upholding the Chevalier de Valois as a respectable and worthy gentleman whom the liberals calumniated.
To return to the period of which we are writing: after about fifteen years of this way of life the chevalier had amassed ten thousand and some odd hundred francs.
Besides his fiction of an annuity, about which no one at the present time knew anything, the chevalier really had, therefore, a bona fide income of a thousand francs.
Not only did the chevalier have his own particular shells, but he cherished an ambitious desire which he pursued with a craft so profound as to be worthy of Sixtus the Fifth: he wanted to marry a certain rich old maid, with the intention, no doubt, of making her a stepping-stone by which to reach the more elevated regions of the court.
Most persons have encountered, in certain provinces in France, a number of Chevaliers de Valois.
Monsieur Chevalier beat another key 'marker' horse, Archers Road, by a length and three-quarters giving him 3lb at Windsor two starts ago.
The formula would not include the cars for sale, because the bylaw allows for display space, which, in a car dealer's business, would be the cars, Chevalier said.
SAN DIEGO -- Lorin Chevalier has joined American Specialty Health (ASH) as chief financial officer and treasurer.
BlackHawk Products Group has selected Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations to assist in developing outdoor market expansion.
MONSIEUR CHEVALIER stands out to give Richard Hannon a SEVENTH victory in the Weatherbys Super Sprint (3.