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conservative English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasion

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My discussion of Chesterton relies upon two particular likenesses between literature and sacrament: in a way that reflects the sacraments themselves, a work of literature can be (1) a material expression of a spiritual reality and (2) a means of conveying divine grace.
One of Chesterton's most careful and self-consistent critics, Ker is a paradigmatic example of the critical tendency to reduce Chesterton to a more manageable size and scope.
Most poignantly of all, a letter received by Chesterton in the early months of the war tells the tale of at least one copy of his poem that would never be read again.
Antes de que la prensa se esfumara definitivamente de la calle Fleet (cosa que termino de suceder en los anos 1980), Chesterton llego a ser una de aquellas tantas personalidades que le dieron vida.
Rodriguez is surely what Chesterton had in mind when he said that this kind of an artist is meant to make us wonder at the world.
All this attention might have been a little too much for Chesterton himself.
Chesterton explains how elite Paraguayans hoped these religious groups would convert the Chaco Boreal into a "civilized" region analogous to the eastern Paraguay.
Chesterton reemphasizes the importance of saving all the presents, and secretly purchasing the needs of Christmas to make things special.
Entre a ortodoxia e a revolucao: uma reconstrucao da filosofia politica de Gilbert Keith Chesterton
4 per cent over 2014 as a whole," said Samuel Warren, director of International Residential Developments at Chesterton.
Chesterton, the international property agency established in 1805, has announced that the company is currently making inroads into the automobile and heavy equipment appraisals due to the buoyant market conditions in the UAE.
CHESTERTON, a top international property agency established in 1805, has chosen Dubai for its Middle Eastern headquarters.
Esta es la primera biografia de Chesterton que se escribio, en 1936, el mismo ano de su muerte.
And local people fear that with Chesterton Drive currently the only access for the existing homes, this additional estate behind it with no new road will create a huge bottleneck as an additional 1,000-plus vehicle journeys per day are created on the small stretch of road.
Indeed this biography is an attempt to present Chesterton anew to English-speakers and to argue that GKC should rank as 'a major literary figure' and a serious thin-ken While not ignoring Chesterton's most famous writings, e.