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a city of southeastern Pennsylvania on the Delaware river (an industrial suburb of Philadelphia)

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Chester alluded to her `charming novel', and the Misses Chester introduced parties, picnics, the opera, and the fashions.
I can do it, for I have May Chester as a model, and I'll improve upon her.
Chester asked me if I would, and I offered to tend a table, as I have nothing but my time to give.
Old John, immensely flattered by the personal notoriety implied in this familiar form of address, answered, with something like a knowing look, 'I should believe you could, sir,' and was turning over in his mind various forms of eulogium, with the view of selecting one appropriate to the qualities of his best bed, when his ideas were put to flight by Mr Chester giving Barnaby the letter, and bidding him make all speed away.
To record that Mr Chester smiled at John's remark would be little to the purpose, for he preserved the same conciliatory and pleasant look at all times.
That Mr Chester, between whom and Mr Haredale, it was notorious to all the neighbourhood, a deep and bitter animosity existed, should come down there for the sole purpose, as it seemed, of seeing him, and should choose the Maypole for their place of meeting, and should send to him express, were stumbling blocks John could not overcome.
As your roads bear no very good character, if I may judge from my son's mishap, though,' said Mr Chester, 'and as I have no fancy to be knocked on the head--which is not only disconcerting at the moment, but places one, besides, in a ridiculous position with respect to the people who chance to pick one up--I shall stop here to-night.
You shall do nothing of the sort, Chester," cried Lady Brandon.
cried young Chester, with a sort of crow of laughter.
They walked together along the passage to the entrance hall, where they saw the fresh, freckled face of the Duke of Chester, who was bounding buoyantly along towards them.
The fourth quarter was also Chesters to call its own as the Lady Yellow Jackets outscored the Lady Eagles, 11-9, on a 3-pointer by Kattenbraker, a field goal by Reese Chandler and three field goals by Destiny Williams.
West Chesters commitment to a bold blueprint for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is just what is needed, said Diane LeBold, West Chester Borough Council President.
Rev David Chesters, Rector of Chester, said that, without extra funding, the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, the first Cathedral of Chester, would be forced to restrict its opening times.
She also dished out 13 of the Lady Jackets 18 assists and recorded two of Chesters six steals
1 million shares of Fidelity common stock making Chester a major Fidelity shareholder.