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a city of southeastern Pennsylvania on the Delaware river (an industrial suburb of Philadelphia)

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I can do it, for I have May Chester as a model, and I'll improve upon her.
Chester asked me if I would, and I offered to tend a table, as I have nothing but my time to give.
Now, Jo dear, the Chesters consider themselves very elegant people, so I want you to put on your best deportment.
Which it seems to me you have no right to be, if you are in earnest," struck in Chester, who had been watching the scene in silence by Sir Charles's side.
You shall do nothing of the sort, Chester," cried Lady Brandon.
The water-drawers of Chester, for instance, acted the Flood.
Oh, I don't know," said the Duke of Chester, who was an optimist, "it's jolly good for some things.
cried young Chester, with a sort of crow of laughter.
They walked together along the passage to the entrance hall, where they saw the fresh, freckled face of the Duke of Chester, who was bounding buoyantly along towards them.
It was impossible that this could be the same Chester Johnson.
After we had been married about a month, he began to talk of my going to West Chester in order to embark for Ireland.
himself the trouble to get private lodgings for one night or two, for that Chester being a great place, I made no doubt but there would be very good inns and accommodation enough; so we lodged at an inn in the West Street, not far from the Cathedral; I forget what sign it was at.
Young Mr Chester robbed, and lying wounded in the road, when you came up
We'll never be right in this district until Chester Wilcox has been settled, and you'll have the thanks of every lodge in the coal fields if you can down him.
The isolated house in which Chester Wilcox lived was about five miles off in an adjacent valley.