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a checkerboard used to play chess

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The Pyramid Chess Board allows traditional chess to be played on a four-tiered surface, greatly adding to the entertainment value.
Built with a mix of oak and brick, the building features one-of-a-kind elements and public amenities, including an open plaza area with wooden benches and tables, a 1929-era Ford truck and a three-story high chess board.
You, too, have a few things to do when making your fly look alive under the squares of your chess board.
President Barack Obama are at the chess board again, addressing the American people, congressional leaders and the world at large on the threat of a strike against Syria.
The five-decade employee of USCF (under 15 executive directors), explains why she helps as a volunteer each year at the blind championship first contested in 1977, and demonstrates a Braille chess board and set in her first Scoop video.
But working out where each plane goes once it lands is still worked out the old fashioned way - using little counters moved around a map of the airport marked out like a chess board.
APPRENTICE finalists Leah Totton and Luisa Zissman swap the boardroom for the chess board as they plot their final moves ahead of the climax to the series.
An artificial wave pool, water boarding, gallery, dancing fountains, gazebo, designated area for children to swim, picnic sheds, composite timber board walk, skate board, a public skating rink, a concrete chess board, a playground and a play fountain make up other amenities.
The book includes b&w chess board diagrams, plus indexes of players and opening moves.
Frenchman Ismael Karim played on a giant chess board, where he accepted the challenge from amateur players and shoppers, with an announcer reading out the squares the pieces that were being moved to.
All these paradoxes are presented in this excellent biography which takes the Duke of Edinburgh from his troubled youth (mother with mental problems, philandering father and periodic exiles from Greece) through his equally troubled first years as husband of the future Queen and would-be pawn on Mountbatten's chess board.
YOUR MOVE J Fischer intensely studies the chess board
The FIDE President later praised Anand for his devotion to chess and for concentrating all his energies only "on the chess board.
On Libyan state television footage, Gaddafi looked relaxed and Ilyumzhinov beamed as they faced off over a crystal-studded chess board in an office decorated with a portrait of Gaddafi in military dress.
After the boxing round is over, the chess board is carried into the ring and the fighters sit down for four minutes of chess moves before the next round of boxing.