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the Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee

a member of an Iroquoian people formerly living in the Appalachian Mountains but now chiefly in Oklahoma

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Cherokee Nation Industries manufactures military electrical black boxes; fiberoptics connector termination onto raw fiber stock; wire harness assemblies for aircraft; and military and interconnect cables.
CND is a licensed distributor of the Company's products and Cherokee Nation Industries, Inc.
Cherokee Nation Enterprises (CNE) operates five gaming facilities at Catoosa, West Siloam Springs, Roland, Tahlequah and Fort Gibson, as well as the Cherokee Outpost Convenience stores, Cherokee retail tobacco shops, the Cherokee Gift Shop, the Cherokee Hills golf Club in Catoosa and Cherokee Trails Golf Course in Tahlequah.
The Trail of Tears is the most tragic event the Cherokee Nation has ever experienced but with the creation of The Passage, Chattanooga is sending to the Cherokee people a message of hope.
Along with the location in Catoosa, Cherokee Nation Enterprises also operates gaming facilities in Roland and West Siloam Springs and offers players a total of more than 2,200 gaming devices at the three locations, with an additional 1,500 units being added within the next 12 months.
Cherokee Nation Entertainment, LLC ( CNE ) reserves the right to issue one award, multiple awards, or reject all bids; any award is subject to the approval of the required funds.
As a registered Tribal Member of the Cherokee Nation of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Kevin focused his efforts on supplying Tribal gaming facilities.
The Cherokee Nation Is Accepting Bids From Interested Parties For The Installation Of Four (4) Aerobic Systems With One (1) Needing A Water Service Lines According To Deq Regulations And Cherokee Nation Specifications.
TRIBAL EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS OFFICE This procurement is subject to Cherokee Nation Tribal Employment Rights Office ( TERO ) regulations that include a fee of A' of 1% of total contract award and, if applicable, the completion of a TERO Labor Agreement and payment of associated fees.
In one case, members of the Cherokee tribe were removed from their homes at bayonet point by presidential order in contravention of a landmark Supreme Court decision affirming the rights of the Cherokee Nation to remain on its land in Georgia.
Cherokee Nation Property Management, (CNPM), a business entity of the Cherokee Nation, a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe, is seeking proposals from qualified architectural and engineering firms to provide professional services relating to the planning, development, design and construction of a new medical outpatient health facility.
CONTACT: Meredith Frailey of Cherokee Nation, 918-696-3151, ext.
In turn, the adoption agency determined that because of Brown's Cherokee Nation citizenship, "naming him would be detrimental to the adoption.
An author, teacher, and historian, Ballenger outlines how the Cherokee Nation developed its legal system, a form of justice known as blood law.