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Synonyms for cherimoya

small tropical American tree bearing round or oblong fruit

large tropical fruit with leathery skin and soft pulp

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The first estimates, which are not yet official because the Council still needs to conduct some monitoring and controls, point to there being 22 hectares of mangoes in Aguilas and Mazarron, 24 hectares of papayas in Mazarron, 14 hectares of avocados in Fuente Alamo and Cartagena, 1 hectare of cherimoyas in the Campo de Cartagena, and half a hectare of pitahayas in Mazarron.
Early flower initiation allows ample manipulation of flowering time in cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.
Borba's Skin Balance Firming Aqua-less Crystalline contains cherimoya and a bio-vitamin complex intended to support the skin's natural support system, remove epidermal toxins and improve elasticity.
Other products include citrus fruits, avocados, pears, bananas, mangos, papayas, cherimoyas, and vegetables.
At market, buy cherimoyas that are a dull green (it can brown a little but not too much) and feel soft but not mushy.
In a world where one person says apples and a listener hears oranges, I guess I'm talking cherimoyas.
The largest plantations are disappearing the tree gives a lot more work than avocados and cherimoyas remains only in small family plots" reports Fernando Martin Callejon manager of the marketing cooperative Procam of Motril.
It seems to be possible that a strategy based in the recovery of the modified ploidy cherimoyas (triploid plants) could have success in the production of seedless fruits of the cherimoya and custard apple, as occurs in other species such as A.
We import all kinds of tropical fruits from South America, like cherimoyas from Chile, pepinos and purple pepinos from Ecuador, Cape Gooseberries from Colombia, and various specialty pears from Argentina," explains Karen Caplan, Frieda's president and CEO.
Plant exotics, including avocados, bananas, cherimoyas, citrus, jujubes, macadamias, mangoes, and pineapple and strawberry guavas.
With a basket on her arm, she greets the rare-fruit growers whose farms dot the nearby hills and chooses among their offerings: creamy sapotes and cherimoyas, blood oranges, passion fruit, bananas, and guavas.
In addition to papaya and mangoes, other current "hot" exotics include red bananas, Asian pears, cherimoyas, kiwano melons, pummelos, rambutans, and passion fruit.
Variety is a solid dimension of farmers' markets, and surprises are always popping up, like cherimoyas in Marin County, bananas in Southern California, or Romanesco broccoli in Seattle.
Brazil was touting papayas, Chile bragged about its cherimoyas, Korea its pears, and Hawaii introduced ranbutans to the mainland.
Plant exotics, including avocados, bananas, cherimoyas, citrus, pineapple, and strawberry guavas, jujubes, macadamias, and mangoes.