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a port town in northwestern France on the English Channel

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Luck ran out for the deadly CSS Alabama, the Confederates' most successful raider, which lost the battle and was sunk five miles from Cherbourg harbour, with the loss of 27 lives on both ships.
Mr Barron, 49, said: "I have a long-held interest in history and I visited the war graves in Cherbourg with my father, who served with the KOSB, but in a different battalion to Private Edwards.
The twin-engine private plane had left Coventry Airport and was on its way to Guernsey when it disappeared eight miles north of Cherbourg at 11.
12am on Wednesday and was on its way to Guernsey when it disappeared eight miles off the French coast, near Cherbourg, at around 11.
The little ship was then based at Cherbourg for her role as tender to the new super liners, which were too big to dock at the port and had to drop anchor off-shore.
The town of Cherbourg is laid out in the readers' minds--from the first scenes of Germans bombing the beach at the time of the British troops retreating in 1940 to the liberation of the town on D-Day.
We travelled on the Irish Ferries Normandy CV from Rosslare to Cherbourg (www.
The French port of Cherbourg on the northern coast's Contentin peninsula is attracting high-speed vessels, such as yachts, catamarans, and ferries.
Combined with Brittany Ferries' Poole to Cherbourg route, a short break is easy to organise.
In combining his Dogmatic filmmaking (hand-held cameras, natural light) with the movie's musical production numbers (which were shot with 100 stationary digital video cameras), von Trier has created a matchless musical spectacle, much in the same way that Jacques Demy did in 1964 with his vibrant ``The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
The British cargo ship Pacific Teal on Wednesday finished loading a shipment of nuclear fuel at Cherbourg port in northwestern France and left for Japan.
Damn it if Jeanne and the Perfect Guy isn't a musical, an Umbrellas of Cherbourg for the mid-plague years.
Jacques Berg's newest novel, Den franske Mor (The French Mother), offers a poignant portrayal of Leonie, a young French woman who leaves her family, her own thriving millinery, and her culture and Norman hometown of Cherbourg to accompany her working-class day-laborer husband Gunnar to Denmark.
In the recently rere-leased 1964 film Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The umbrellas of Cherbourg), Jacques Demy finds such risks in sunshine and jazz.
At KMC Telecom-Lansing New Office On 544 Cherbourg Drive