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According to the Syrian, his wallet, containing 3,500 euros, and cheque book were in the pockets of his shorts.
But Wealleans, of Collingwood Road, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, continued using the cheque book.
But Wealleans, of Collingwood Road, Newbigginby-the-Sea, Northumberland, continued committing fraud using the cheque book.
Specially branded cheque books are provided for Najahi current account holders, besides priority queuing facility at branches for both teller and non-teller transactions.
SBI's move comes nearly three months after Reserve Bank of India issued guidelines allowing minors over 10 years to operate bank savings accounts independently and use facilities such as ATMs and cheque books.
The person concerned, whose cheque book has been misused, will face legal trouble and go to jail.
Here it is more like, you can use the online bank if you need but here is a cheque book free of charge.
In most banks in western markets, a customers can apply for a cheque book and allot cheque numbers in series based on their convenience and as accepted by the system.
While I hate writing out cheques, the smell of a crisp, new cheque book makes me buoyant and I love to flip through the cheque book leaves and see my name in print in each of them.
POLICE are trying to track a man who can help them with an investigation into the fraudulent use of a company cheque book.
Luke Jennings, of Lidgate Gardens, Batley Carr, acquired a stolen cheque book from a house in Golcar.
Joanna Saunders, 26, of Commerce Place, Aberdare, admitted theft of the money and cheque book belonging to Dr Jacqueline Griffiths.
HANDS up who wants to see the demise of the cheque book in the name of progress?
However, in a surprising new twist, property shoppers at Diglis Water development in Worcester will be given a cheque book by Bryant Homes.
It is the latest retailer to restrict cheque book payments in UK stores.