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tropical American tree bearing a small edible fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp

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Walberg, P, McKee, M, Shkolnikov, V, Chenet, L and Leon, DA.
Milet-Mureau (Paris: Imprimerie de la Republique, 1797), cited in Francoise Chenet, "L'artiste charge de mission," in L'Oeil aux Aguets, ou l'artiste en voyage, ed.
Arthur Moore needs a decent pace for Native Upmanship and his other runner, Fleur Du Chenet, could make it if Micko's Dream does not do so.
The number of cystic fibrosis carrier tests is clearly growing every year, said Celeste Chenet, program manager for molecular testing at Genzyme Genetics, in Framingham, Mass.
By leveraging precise fabrication techniques of the semiconductor industry, Liquidia has the unique ability to address persisting unmet needs in respiratory medicine and other therapeutic areas," said Kyle Chenet, Vice President of Development at Liquidia, "The growing body of data supporting the benefits of PRINT technology highlights the exciting potential for Liquidia and its partners to develop novel pulmonary products, including biologics and combined therapeutics, with significantly increased aerosol performance, controlled release, reduced excipient load, and/or targeted delivery .
The first division of the open maiden race went to Pete Ponting's Sweet Like You who, ridden by Danny Burton, easily accounted for the odds-on favourite Union Du Chenet.
The two most likely interlopers are the Marcel Rolland-trained pair, Saint Du Chenet and Lord Prestige, who has beaten Gemix three times.
The following teachers were recognizes for living the RAMS mission statement: Karen Guerin (social studies), Melissa Tubbs (French), Patricia Chenet (special education) and Stacy Savage (science).
Sainsbury's has the ever popular JP Chenet Premier Chardonnay on sale at pounds 3.
The free wine is JP Chenet red, white or rose (worth pounds 15.
McKee, M, Bobak, M, Rose, R, Shkolnikov, V, Chenet, L and Leon, D.
Chenet wines, Noilly Prat Original French Dry Vermouth, Benedictine liqueur and Kronenbourg 1664 beer.
Gemix is unlikely to have things all his own way over the relatively sharp trip of two miles and two furlongs, with the Marcel Rolland-trained pair Lord Prestige and Saint Du Chenet the highest rated among nine opponents.