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wild goose having white adult plumage

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Chen first visited her for help recovering from his "emotional issues" in 2013.
Peza has yet to comment, but its head, Director General Charito Plaza said in July that Chen wanted to bring in two projects-the P18.
Cohen also added that Chen is shopping around his options and is currently deciding between "two attractive opportunities" at other universities.
Following days of negotiation, Beijing agreed to let Chen and his family leave China.
Chen's older brother, Chen Gangfu, was reportedly tortured after he escaped house arrest.
Chen and his family were driven up to the plane in a vehicle resembling a minibus, and Chen could be seen being pushed in a wheelchair on the tarmac and then onto an elevator that took them up to a sky bridge that was connected to the plane.
We are worried about those who assisted Chen in his escape,'' Lee said and urged Premier Wen Jiabao to conduct a thorough investigation and take measures to guarantee the safety of Chen and his family members.
Chen denies any wrongdoing, claiming the criminal proceeding are a political plot.
Tai chi is a "cultural treasure and a world treasure," Chen said through an interpreter, Poh Kheng Loi, a part-time instructor in Leung's studio and the director of histology in the University of Oregon's neuroscience department.
Yesterday Chen A-i saw her husband in Xiao-su's face.
Though his wire service and newspaper deadlines are not quite as short in duration as the slam-bam plays he regularly captures, Chen often begins transmitting images to his clients before the game has ended.
The judicial "process" against Chen has been accompanied by beatings, arrests of defence lawyers, disappearances of key witnesses, and physical violence and intimidation against Chen himself, his family and his friends.
Inspector Chen is caught up in the web of inscrutable Chinese politics.
To the Editor: Recently, Chen and co-workers described the expression of an 11th influenza A virus protein, designated PB1-F2 because this protein is encoded in the +1 open reading frame of the segment-2 RNA (1).