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a port city in western South Korea on the Yellow Sea

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Contract awarded for 2016 Chemulpo Middle School Uniform (winter clothing, Havok, life clothing) purchased two-step bid (specifications, prices separation simultaneous bids) announcement
The Japanese First Army landed at Chemulpo, Korea, under strong naval support in mid-February 1904.
While other foreign correspondents passed the time in Tokyo-area bars and begged Japanese officials to let them join Japanese forces marching north in Korea, London caught two rattle-trap steamers in early February that took him to the southern port city of Busan and then along the Korean coast to Chemulpo, where he began a long march to Manchuria in tandem with Japanese forces.
Amigo entranable del maestro Palmerin, Mateo inaugura el restaurante El Chemulpo y organiza en su casa sesiones sabatinas de trova, donde el muy pequeno Arturo escucha arrobado a aquella pleyade de troveros.
Under its better-known modern name of Inchon, Chemulpo was to be the site of Douglas MacArthur's landing in the Korean War in September 1950.