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the use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (or mental illness)

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Both of them are far superior then chemotherapeutics and it is expected that blood cancer drugs belonging to different drug categories would be introduced in US market.
One mechanism by which this opposition, commonly known as chemoresistance, happens is through the expression of drug transporter pumps in leukemia cells that actively pump out chemotherapeutics, including Daunorubicin.
Chemosensitizers are now being tested in clinical trials to prevent tumor cells from resisting harsh chemotherapeutics.
8,9) Additionally, in contrast to local chemotherapeutics, systemic antibiotic usage presents the risk of producing antibiotic resistant bacterial strains.
The company says standard and recently approved chemotherapeutics for non-transplant regimens for multiple myeloma generally provide complete response rates of less than 5%.
Through vigorous efforts made in the past two centuries, public health workers have succeeded in developing vaccines, antibiotics, and chemotherapeutics, and as a result most infectious diseases have been brought under control in industrialized countries.
This polymer technology results in a new chemical entity, designed to selectively deliver higher and potentially more effective levels of active chemotherapeutics to tumors.
Bone marrow injury is usually the limiting factor for [cancer] chemotherapeutics," says James O.
We look forward to gaining final approval for topical, injectable, and implantable drug delivery applications for antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, and analgesics to address DFU, Cancers, and other conditions requiring sustained medication in a dissolvable platform without immunogenic reaction or the need for removal.
Delivery: various pharmaceutical products, infusion fluids, medical gases, milk for children, drugs, antibiotics, disinfectants preparations, heparin fine particle, chemotherapeutics, drugs for enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition preparations, laxatives, insulin, psychotropic drugs, antiseptic preparations,
Advent of chemotherapeutics medicines helped the patients undergoing surgery or radiation therapy upto limited extent.
Despite the clear role of EZH2 in oncogenesis and therapy failure, not much is known about chemotherapeutics and chemopreventive agents that can suppress its expression and activity.
Indeed antifolates targeting vitamin B9 biosynthesis of the malarial parasites have been proven valuable chemotherapeutics for the treatment of malaria, one of the most devastating infectious diseases leading to nearly 250 million cases worldwide and about 1 million deaths annually.
Illustrated with b&w photos and diagnostic images, this pocket (5x8") reference for physicians, nurses, allied health care professionals, and students covers all aspects of gynecologic oncology, and includes a fold-out chart of characteristics of chemotherapeutics.
Army Dental Command (DENCOM) utilizes a prevention toolbox that includes, but is not limited to, sealants, fluoride, diet modification, oral hygiene instruction, and the use of chemotherapeutics such as chlorhexidine.