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movement by a cell or organism in reaction to a chemical stimulus

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McCord, "Free radicals and inflammation: superoxide-dependent activation of a neutrophil chemotactic factor in plasma," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
As a result of binding of autoantibodies, histamine, triptase-like proteases, chemotactic factors, leukotriens and cytokines (TNF-[alpha], IL-1, IL-4, IL-5) are released from basophils and mast cells.
14) An in vitro study of purified KL-6 concluded that the biomarker is one of the chemotactic factors for most fibroblasts and that increased KL-6 in the epithelial lining fluid in small airways could actually be one cause of the intra-alveolar fibrosis in ILDs.
Previous studies indicated that high doses of APAP-induced inflammatory response in the liver partially due to the release of chemotactic factors from the hepatocytes (Bauer et al.
As such, it is possible that the relative ability of CRP, neutrophil counts and eosinopenia in differentiating infections is different, depending on the severity of systemic inflammation and amount of chemotactic factors released into the systemic circulation.
Some of the evidence that implicates pyrin as a regulator of inflammation includes its interaction with leukocyte cytoskeleton, the death domain contained within the protein and its ability to deregulate chemotactic factors.
It has long been known that smoking induces functional and morphological changes in polymorphonuclear leucocytes and it may cause an exaggerated release of chemotactic factors including IL-4, IL-1,TNFa, transforming growth factor ss (TGFss) which has been associated with psoriasis severity.
Chemotactic factors recruit more of these cells to the site, and the destructive process perpetuates.
It is unknown whether these cells migrate randomly or as a response to certain chemotactic factors, but it is reported that many factors are of importance in the transformation of the mesenchymal cells into osteoblasts (1).
The mast cell's ability to synthesize and release cytokines such as interleukin 4 (IL-4), interleukin 5 (IL-5), interleukin 13 (IL-13) and other chemotactic factors has given acceptability to its role in the asthmatic inflammatory response, and the chemical pathway to inducing fibrosis is of particular interest.
PVL toxin creates lytic pores in the cell membrane of neutrophils and induces the release of neutrophil chemotactic factors that promote inflammation and tissue destruction (Kollef & Micek, 2006).
Lyn was found to be important for NFr, B mediated increased expression and release of macrophage chemotactic factors (MCP-1 secretion) that recruit alveolar macrophage (AM) to the site of infection.
Oxidised LDL can induce arterial wall cells to produce chemotactic factors, adhesion molecules, cytokines, and growth factors that have a role to play in the development of the plaque (121,122).