chemical warfare

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warfare using chemical agents to kill or injure or incapacitate the enemy

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Controlling this road is especially important for Assad as it is used to transport chemical weapon agents to be shipped out and destroyed under an international agreement.
ISTANBUL, Nov 4 (KUNA) -- The Turkish armed forced intercepted a three-vehicle convoy loaded with sulfur and other suspected chemical weapon agents from Syria.
Syrian state TV claimed that soldiers patrolling in the Damascus suburb of Jobar had found chemical weapon agents in rebel tunnels.
In the case of chemical terrorism, this is achieved using toxic chemicals such as chemical warfare in or chemical weapon agents, or toxic commercial and industrial materials (toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and toxic industrial materials (TIMs) used in manufacturing and often available off the shelf).
VIASPACE's subsidiary, Ionfinity, has a $700,000 contract with ONR to develop a portable mass spectrometer-based instrument to detect chemical weapon agents and industrial chemicals in air and water samples.
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