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Synonyms for solubility

the quantity of a particular substance that can dissolve in a particular solvent (yielding a saturated solution)

the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it possible to solve

the quality of being soluble and easily dissolved in liquid

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The patent application, "Lysing and Extraction System for Microorganisms," details OriginOil's invention of a method to extract the oil from algae with high energy efficiency, without requiring the use of chemical solvents.
Consumers of coffee decaffeinated by chemical solvents need have no fears of either residues in the cup or clean air contamination from this solvent.
The Omega-3 oil is gently extracted, purified and filtered by Denomega Nutritional Oils without the use of chemical solvents, and meets the U.
The majority of herbs used in these products are sourced from countries like China or India and in order to turn a profit these companies are using chemical solvents to make their herbal extracts, or very low grade herb powders which may be irradiated or contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides and other toxins," Group adds.
Most companies have de-toxified their operations enough to comply with government regulations, substituting environmentally friendly soap and water and citrus juices for some of the nastiest chemical solvents, and eliminating most ozone-depleting chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) from the production process.
Fumes billowed into the air Thursday when a metal shed containing 4,000 gallons of blended motor oil, radiator fluid and other unknown chemical solvents exploded and burned, said Chris Johnson, a hazardous materials specialist for the Los Angeles County Fire Department's health hazardous materials division.
Chemical solvents can be used directly or indirectly to decaffeinate the beans.
These product areas include Chemicals & Intermediates, Chemical Solvents, Specialty Polymers and Engineering Plastics, Functional Materials, Electronic Materials, and Adhesive Resin.
The company's products also include propylene glycol monomethyl ether proprionate (PGMEP), Shiny Chemicals' proprietary product, N-butyl acetate (NBAC) and many other bulk chemical solvents.
AMSIM employs a rigorous state-of-the-art actual tray-by-tray approach for modeling the absorption and reactions of H2S and CO2 in various chemical solvents.
These product areas include Fine and Specialty Chemicals and Intermediates, Chemical Solvents, Specialty Polymers and Engineering Plastics, Functional Materials, Electronic Materials and Adhesive Resins.
Instead of using traditional cleaning methods such as chemical solvents or time-consuming paint-by-hand scratch and dust removal methods, revival removes defects in the background using Discreet's backdraft(TM) media management and I/O utility.
Emissions from industrial facilities and electric utilities, motor vehicle exhaust, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents are some of the major sources of NOx and VOC.
The collaboration has created a system that eliminates the handling and disposal of chemical solvents and reduces the number of steps in the cleaning process, thereby increasing throughput and ultimately saving the customer both time and money.