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Synonyms for chemistry

the science of matter

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the chemical composition and properties of a substance or object

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the way two individuals relate to each other

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We focus on matter and materials and their effects on our modern world in territory ranging from the physical sciences and industries, through the chemical sciences and engineering, to the life sciences and technologies.
It merits to mention here that NAB had already arrested Arif Ismail, Mohammad Ali, officials of Institute of Chemical Science University of Peshawar in the instant case.
8220;Our Master of Chemical Sciences is another example of how the School of Arts and Sciences strives to develop programs that integrate knowledge and place an emphasis on innovative understanding and discovery,” said Nora E.
Chemical sciences practitioners and the primary education system must not allow the public to become fearful of chemistry while living every moment in the luxury and comfort generated through this science.
Evjue distinguished chair for the Wisconsin Idea at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who convened the Commission on Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences at the symposium.
Dr Eoin Gorman, also from Queen Mary's School of Biological and Chemical Sciences added: "There is growing evidence that dinosaurs produced a large number of offspring, which were immediately vulnerable to predation due to their smaller size.
The annual award recognizes outstanding contributions to public service or to the development of public policy that benefits the chemical sciences.
For undergraduate and graduate students in chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical fields, and ecologists and specialists in research and the modification of modern medicines, Zotov and Tuzhikov (technical sciences and chemical sciences, Volgograd State Technical U.
The awards are held as part of the British Science Festival in partnership with Warwick University, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Advantage West Midlands, the University of Aston and HEaTeD to recognise excellence in technical work in support of chemical sciences in all walks of life.
Jordan has been selected to host the Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences after a competition was held on an international level by the International Organizing Committee (IOC).
With the number of kids opting for science and maths-based subjects falling, Aimee is now an ambassador for Chemical Sciences Scotland to help encourage others to follow in her well-structured footsteps.
The chemical sciences will play a vital role in progressing us towards sustainable water management.
org) Section Head, Physics Section Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences International Atomic Energy Agency P.
Phase 2 of the Council's five-year study of the quantitative impact of R&D on the chemical sciences finds that such research delivers a quantitative return "well in excess of both private industry's and the government's cost of capital.