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an apparatus for holding substances that are undergoing a chemical reaction

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Chemical reactor design, optimization, and scaleup, 2d ed.
Chemical reactor analysis and applications for the practicing engineer.
Section II elaborates the idea that for modeling and monitoring purposes, chemical reactors and economic systems share the same characteristics.
For chemical reactors and desulphurisation catalyst bed reactors, OMC's AerOradial range of multipoint temperature assemblies is ideal.
Gemini was conceived for high power, demanding applications, such as internal mixers, chemical reactors and conveyors.
Chemists save time and costs by working with small amounts of material, measure the thermal and mixing conditions of the process and provide valuable process data, all on a tabletop device while still gaining process information that can be successfully used in large scale chemical reactors.
This low-temperature and low-pressure neutralization process is different from the baseline technology of incineration previously selected by the Army in that it uses chemical reactors instead of incinerators.
Chemical reactors being created for new environmental applications, such as pen-sized reactors capable of cleaning up underground toxic waste by converting it into inert components.
Houston), announces the start-up of three specialty-purpose chemical reactors at the company's main plant site in Galena Park, Tex.
These include chemical reactors, a coffee-cup-size turbine that whirls a half-million revolutions per minute, miniaturized internal combustion engines, and fuel cells that feed supercapacitors that can release power in bursts.
August Mack Environmental exhibited its industrial ventilation systems for the control of fumes, particulate, mists and vapors in chemical reactors, cupolas, induction melt furnaces, cyanide tanks on plating lines, foundry sand handling systems, shotblast operations and grinding systems.
Senior Tube supplies tube in one form or another to every major car maker in Europe, in addition to having strong representation in the fields of heat exchangers, boilers and chemical reactors.
ValuJet's dispute with Sabretech centers on the oxygen generators, which are small chemical reactors that produce intense heat when activated.
of Cincinnati will introduce the Prestovac line of batch-type cross-linking chemical reactors.
The contract is the delivery device for dispensing steam and vapor phases in chemical reactors and analytical instruments operating in a defined and programmable steam or a gaseous atmosphere, which are owned by FI-BUT (for example, high heterogeneous reactor or a thermal analyzer STA / MS).
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