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Essentially, scrap rubber is cryogenically ground to a fine powder, then treated with a unique combination of non-hazardous, non-toxic, chemical reactants.
Immersing containers with chemical reactants in temperature-controlled heated and chilled baths allow lab workers to control the temperature during these critical reactions.
This approach is the least attractive because it requires the applicator to carry out an additional step involving chemical reactants and presents practical complications.
Instead, researchers used self-assembly, a process by which chemical reactants crystallize at lower temperatures mediated by nanoscale metal catalysts to spontaneously form nanowires that were 30-50 nm in diameter and 10 [micro]m in length, and then they fabricated memory devices on silicon substrates.
As De Kepper's burning-grass metaphor might suggest, this stable, chemical quilt emerges from a continuous interplay between the initial chemical reactants and their own reaction-inhibiting products, as those products diffuse into surrounding areas.
While ALD process developers are sometimes hampered by the need to find reactive saturating precursor combinations for ALD process windows that are closely matched in temperature for each element in a film stack, NLD[TM] technology uses plasma treatment steps in place of paired chemical reactants, to overcome this limitation, thus allowing for increased process latitude in the fabrication of complex dielectric films and metal alloys.
Moreover, there are some important aspects controlling the dispersion of chemical reactants such as diffusion and compatibility that should be taken into account as well (11, 12).
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