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These pollutants had individual health effects as well as acted as chemical reactants for the regional smog.
Russia) examines the many factors that can impact the complex dielectric permittivity, density, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and viscosity of meat, vegetables, fruit, oils, body tissues, wood, polymers and plastics, ceramics, soils, water, and chemical reactants.
The more efficient the laser, the more power it can produce per unit weight of chemical reactants.
All Corning Advanced-Flow reactors have the ability to continuously and efficiently stream chemical reactants together with integrated heat exchange, thus bringing significant performance benefits to chemical manufacturing.
Corning's reactor has the ability to continuously and efficiently stream chemical reactants together, rather than mixing them in batches, thus enabling breakthroughs in manufacturing.
The requirements of expedited chemical kinetics and low-mass quantities of chemical reactants, together with the emerging need to expand, and diversify the catalog of molecular imaging probes, provide a unique opportunity for Fluidigm's IFC technology, according to the authors of the paper.
Its primary function is to release, through a carefully controlled liquid/gas reaction, the chemical energy stored in basic hydrogen peroxide (BHP), one of the COIL's primary chemical reactants.
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