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a property used to characterize materials in reactions that change their identity

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There has been plenty of specific attention on its use in helping prevent cardiovascular diseases, but now there is emerging evidence that its chemical properties may impact cellular mechanisms in the brain.
The study explained how the researchers at Hewlett Packard and the University of California, Santa Barbara used highly focused X-rays to map out the nanoscale physical and chemical properties of these electronic devices.
space agency NASA, spent six weeks earlier this year measuring the physical and chemical properties of Costa Rica's soil, water and air.
Its mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties are said to be equivalent to standard nylon 6.
We examined the physical and chemical properties of heartwood and looked at how an increasing percentage of heartwood influences the kraft pulping process and the quality of the pulp.
A microscopically thin transparent coating of titanium oxide has two important chemical properties which, when combined, make the glass 'self cleaning'.
These novel materials have different physical and chemical properties from those of the bulk parent compounds and also from those of the constituent atoms and molecules.
Students use analyzation methods to uncover the chemical properties of the raw materials found in the, urn, makeup of makeup.
Both samples created similar levels of pulmonary injury but distinctly different cellular inflammatory responses; the authors suggest that the distinctive physical and chemical properties of the samples may have contributed to this difference in the mechanism of action.
Because some elements, such as lithium and cerium, are more reactive with air than others, an alloy can lose some of its original chemical properties if left in a liquid state for prolonged periods.
The book includes information on the use of milk as a raw material for fat production; the properties of milks and milk fats from various mammalian sources; the chemical properties of milk fats; the physical properties of milk fats; rancidity issues; the fractionation of milk fats; the processing of milk fats; the role of conjugated linoleic acid in dairy fats for human health, and legislation.
19 should read: (Hint: Carbon, part of the same class as the mystery element, shares similar chemical properties.
According to Casmassi, combined wind patterns and chemical properties are to blame for the fact that a hike in the Placerita Nature Center will pump more dangerous ozone into your lungs than a jog down Temple Street.
MEMSCAP will design and manufacture sensor based units that analyze the physical and chemical properties of skin surfaces, while La Licorne has filed a patent for the final product, Skin Station.
However, in spite of the many advantages that these fluids are predicted to offer, fundamental data on their physical and chemical properties are scarce.
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