aspiration pneumonia

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inflammation of the lungs caused by inhaling or choking on vomitus

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He was transferred to another facility, where he was diagnosed with hydrocarbon ingestion with chemical pneumonitis.
The effect of LPR in the pediatric airway might be mediated by one or all of three mechanisms: (1) microaspiration with stimulation of the laryngeal adductor reflux, (2) micro-aspiration with chemical pneumonitis, and (3) stimulation of an esophageal-vagal and/or autonomic reflex that results in or potentiates bronchial constriction.
The most dangerous complication of enteral feeding is aspiration of formula, possibly causing a chemical pneumonitis.
PED may result in aspiration and its ensuing complications, such as aspiration pneumonia, chemical pneumonitis, transient hypoxemia, bronchospasm, or mechanical obstruction with atelectasis.