chemical equilibrium

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a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates

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Smith, "Identification and Application of Partial Chemical Equilibria in Reactor Modelling," AIChE J.
In The Chlorination/Chloramination Handbook, double-headed arrows ([left right arrow]) were used as substitutes for the double-harpoon arrows ([right left harpoons]) to indicate the various chemical equilibria.
Basics of analytical chemistry and chemical equilibria.
Sposito G, Mattigod SV (1980) 'GEOCHEM: a computer program for the calculation of chemical equilibria in soil solution and other natural water systems.
In order to have an understanding of those chemically reacting, multi-component, multiphase systems, a brief discussion about the chemical equilibria, vapour--liquid phase equilibria, thermodynamic framework, and activity coefficient model are included, which ensures an appropriate formulation of the objective function.
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