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a chemical formula showing the ratio of elements in a compound rather than the total number of atoms

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Both stars should have condensed out of the same cloud of dust and gas and so both should have started with the same chemical compositions.
80] elongation according with chemical composition of the metal sheet because the value of linear correlation coefficient R = 0.
Because chemical composition can vary within a heat, samples are cut from each end of the incoming raw material coil in Lincoln's pre-production process.
Once the equipment was upgraded and a chemical composition defined, heat treatment became the critical and most difficult process to overcome.
Specifically, the questions that arose were: What accuracy and precision can be achieved by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry on small oligomers and, Are these adequate to uniquely identify the chemical composition of the end groups?
Bombarding the sample with a beam of energy helped reveal the sample's chemical composition.
Innov-X's products use XRF technology to quickly determine the chemical composition of a substance, thereby identifying the existence of desirable or undesirable elements.
2Weeot01153 For 250/50 Ton Eot Crane, Vendor To Submit Casting Test Certificate Of Chemical Composition And Ut From Casting Manufacturer.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Tarbiat Modarres University presented a simple and new method for the production of advanced nitride ceramics with complicated chemical composition.
New York, November 9 ( ANI ): A new food scanner has been designed which uses lasers to determine an item's chemical composition and then sends the calorie and ingredient information to an app.
Kaler, professor emeritus of astronomy at the University of Illinois, details the colors, spectra, and chemical composition of stars, the motion of the galaxy, and the forms of star groupings, including binary stars and clusters.
According to the ASTM standard, "rubber in both dry and latex form shall be classified and coded from the chemical composition of the polymer chain.
Currently, only two companies use these units to determine the chemical composition of their shredded ferrous products, which they market to steel mills as Gamma Shred: River Metals Recycling, headquartered in Fort Mitchell, Ky.
It covers the basics of forest products chemistry, beginning with an overview of the structure and chemical composition of wood.
The novel method--called dual-beam, dual-target, pulsed-laser deposition--can be used to create libraries of inorganic thin films that vary, predictably, in thickness and chemical composition.