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Synonyms for shilling

the basic unit of money in Uganda

the basic unit of money in Tanzania

the basic unit of money in Somalia

the basic unit of money in Kenya

a former monetary unit in Great Britain

an English coin worth one twentieth of a pound

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Rhodes and Chelin (1999) surveyed 68 university libraries in the UK and found that almost three quarters of the libraries make use of the web for user education.
TO clothe a pergola you need a modern climber like Madame Gregoire Stae chelin (above), which is reliable, resists wind and rain and is wonderfully scented.
De plus, la nomination du comite executif ne devrait pas seulement etre la prerogative du maire mais aussi des conseillers municipaux (par exemple, l'article de Annie Chelin, La Presse, 29 novembre 2000).
As one commentator, Annie Chelin, put it, "[a]dministrating a city is not the same as governing a province" (La Presse, 29 November 2000: A25).
Store director Jean Marie Chelin, a former Coca-Cola executive, says the "average local" spends about 2,500 rupees (62 [pounds sterling]) per month on basics ranging from pulses to noodles and rice.