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the combination salad prepared as a particular chef's specialty

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The chef salad was fresh and tasty, but the broccoli and chicken salads lacked zest.
Or you might find a chef salad (a garden salad plus meat and cheese), a chicken salad (chicken and lettuce), or a Caesar salad (lettuce, Parmesan, and croutons).
It's Chef Salad night, otherwise known as a fridge-foraging meal.
In addition to the meal of the day, the facility now offers a selection of menu items that are available anytime, including choices such as chef salad, hamburgers, and cottage cheese with fruit.
540 32 Pizza Hut Big New Yorker Cheese Pizza (2 slices) 790 33 Chef Salad (5 cups) with dressing 930 71 Fried Seafood Combo (14 oz.
Raley's To Go Classic Chef Salad Kit (UPC # 46567-50120)
Podrazik said he has offered four or five salad choices this year, including chicken, Caesar, chef salad and turkey, all prepared in the Narragansett kitchens.
Instead of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, try a Garden Salad, Chicken Caesar, or Chef Salad.
Tossed Chef Salad (order without croutons)-Crisp hearts of romaine, bacon, smoked turkey, cheddar, apples, and hard-boiled egg with honey balsamic vinaigrette.
McDonald's Chef Salad has three teaspoons of fat (thanks largely to the egg yolks).
Week of August 16: Tossed Chef Salad - Crisp hearts of romaine, smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar, apples, hard-boiled egg and croutons with honey balsamic vinaigrette.
In response to positive consumer feedback and increasing demand since launching Finishers last summer, Sargento is introducing three new varieties of Finishers combinations, which include Blue Cheese Salad Finishers, Classic Chef Salad Finishers and Southwest Potato Finishers.
The ingredients in your typical chef salad have traveled as many as 1,000 to 2,500 miles to reach your mouth.
The three meat-based, Ready-To-Go Entree Salad varieties include Chicken Caesar Entree Salad, 98% Fat Free Chicken Caesar Entree Salad and Chef Salad Entree Salad.