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long-legged spotted cat of Africa and southwestern Asia having nonretractile claws

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Cathryn Hilker at the Cincinnati Zoo pioneered the idea of encouraging captive cheetahs to make an occasional sprint, as they do in the wild while running down antelope, rabbits, ostriches and other prey.
In the column labeled "Cheetahs," list resources that cheetahs need in order to survive in the wild.
Though estimates vary, African cheetahs may number as few as 12,000 in the wild, with another 1,000 in zoos around the world - down from hundreds of thousands of the animals a century ago.
Announcing their corporate-nonprofit partnership on July 15, 2015, Cheetah Mobile and CCF launched their own campaign with a video billboard in New York City's Times Square running from the middle of July through the end of September.
With cheetahs, the female decides whether she will mate with a male or not.
Commenting on the possibility of transferring the cheetahs to safe habitats, Eslami emphasized that it is a complicated issue, adding that surviving cheetahs in their current habitats, despite other ones indicates that, the current habitats have suitable circumstances for their survival.
The research team used GPS and accelerometer data loggers deployed on cheetahs, along with traditional observation methods.
Everyone knows that cheetahs are fast, but most of what we know about their speed comes from road tests with semi-tamed beasts.
Now one UAE zoo has called in a global expert to help it care for its endangered cheetahs.
AfriCat's Cheetah Rehabilitation project was initiated to give some of its captive cheetahs an opportunity to return to their natural environment.
Iran is believed to have about 76 cheetahs surviving in the wild, and those are the only remaining Asiatic cheetahs, the residue of a species that once roamed from the Red Sea to the Bay of Bengal.
Cheetahs happen to be beautiful examples of how natural engineering has created speed and agility across rough terrain.
The reintroduction programme will see a total of 15 cheetahs -- five in each site -- being brought to the country.
They became interested in cheetahs during their visits to South Africa, where Gerry's sister Lesley lives, 30 miles from Cape Town.